Agepati Raghavendra, University of Hyderabad India
Agepati Raghavendra
University of Hyderabad India

Prof. Agepati S. Raghavendra is currently an Institution of Eminence (IoE) Research Chair Professor in LifeSciences at University of Hyderabad, India. He was elected as a Corresponding Member in 2012. He is an elected fellow of all four science Academies in India: the Indian National Science Academy, the National Academy of Sciences India, the Indian Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the Third World Academy of Sciences. Professor Raghavendra held the positions of JC Bose National Fellow, DFG Mercator Visiting Professor (Germany), AvH Fellow, and JSPS Senior Visiting Scientist(Japan). He elucidated the role of several guard cell signalling components, including the cytoplasmic pH, during stomatal closure. His other research interests include the essentiality of mitochondrial respiration for optimising photosynthesis and biochemical cross-talk between plant cell organelles.