Charles Anderson, Penn State University
Charles Anderson
Penn State University

Dr. Charles T. Anderson is a Professor and Associate Head for Research and Faculty Success in Biology at Penn State University. His group uses advanced microscopy, cell biology, molecular genetics, and biochemistry to investigate the dynamics of plant cell walls with the goal of informing efforts to sustainably produce energy, food, and biomaterials from plants. He is interested in understanding how pectins are synthesized, modified, and degraded during plant growth and development, and the developmental consequences of these dynamics; in how interactions between different cell wall components give rise to the unique structural and biomechanical characteristics of plant cell walls, cells, tissues, and organs; and in how cell wall dynamics underpin the development, function, and unique biomechanics of stomatal guard cells. His research is supported by the US Department of Energy, the US National Science Foundation, and Open Philanthropy. Dr. Anderson also chairs the Sustainability Council in the Eberly College of Science and co-chairs the Penn State Sustainability Leadership Group, and co-directs Penn State’s Center for Biorenewables.