Chun-Peng Song, Henan University
Chun-Peng Song
Henan University

Chun-Peng Song was born in Henan, China and went to the China Agricultural University (Beijing, China) where he obtained his PhD degree in Botany. After undertaking four years of post-doctoral research at the University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ, USA), Chun-Peng returned to Henan University and has been working there ever since. Chun-Peng was appointed Dean of the Life Science School in 2002, Vice-President of Henan University in 2006, and President in 2017. His research interests focus on stomatal physiology and development, drought stress and water-use efficiency in plants. He is now the Director of Key Laboratory of Plant Stress Biology and State Key Laboratory of Cotton Biology.

Chun-Peng joined the Board of New Phytologist as an Editor in 2017.