Hanna Hõrak, Univeristy of Tartu
Hanna Hõrak
Univeristy of Tartu

Hanna Hõrak defended her PhD on the molecular mechanisms of stomatal carbon dioxide signaling in 2017 in the University of Tartu. She then completed a postdoctoral project in the lab of prof. Julie Gray in the University of Sheffield, UK on stomatal development and pathogen responses; and another in the Estonian University of Life Sciences on plant stress physiology. In 2020, Hanna started an independent research group in the Institute of Technology, University of Tartu, Estonia. Her work is focused on stomatal patterning and physiology with the aim to understand, how environmental and hormonal signals regulate stomatal development and how different stomatal patterns affect photosynthesis, plant growth, water use efficiency, and yield. Hanna’s work is mostly focused on the Arabidopsis model but her interests also encompass ancient land plants and agriculturally important species such as tomato, potato, and cereal crops.

Country: Estonia